Nos Pais Television is broadcasting throughout the Dutch Kingdom and the rest of the world. The programming mix consists of an optimal balance of journalistic style, demographic diversity, fixed programming, investigative programs, educative programs, reports and interviews, basic information and headline news. Also combined with trivial, relaxing and pleasurable nice to know and need to know topics. A complete television guide will be available soon!


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See here some trailers from upcoming educational programs. A serie of television programs in which we empower and support Young Adults in reaching their goals and dreams.

Young Voices
A Television program in which young adults are giving the opportunity to discuss topics of general interest. The discussions helps us find out what the younger generation likes and doesn’t like, what they encounter on a daily basis and what kind of tools they need to be self-reliant.

Two Generations
The older generation will be talking to the younger generation about the past, the present and the future. Knowledge is transferred in order to close the generation gaps. This will create much more understanding and respect between the two generations.

Working and Sports
High unemployment rates and the long wait for a job are making young adults sometimes impatient, even aggressive, causing many to lose faith in their future and their country. Participating in sports activities while waiting for a job to land is the best means of developing discipline and patience, which eventually also helps to boost self-confidence. These are healthy traits that interviewers look for in the labor market.

Young adults are taught about parenting. Every new parent needs guidance on parenting, especially when parenting at a young age.